Building game-changing businesses with bright entrepreneurs.

What do we mean by 'venture'? “A small group of people on a mission to create change where the outcome is uncertain”.

At Upside, we believe in supporting the individual, that everyone has a unique journey, and that each individual needs to be supported in a way that suits that unique journey.

It’s why we built Upside Ventures, the part of our business that starts ventures, dedicated to helping founders grow their businesses – from the idea stage, to starting up, all the way through to scaling. We are kind of like your traditional accelerator or incubator…  yet completely different.

We help solve startup problems like:

  • Incubation
  • Capital and time
  • Talent development
  • Business Development
  • Strategic direction
  • Product market-fit
We are a venture builder.

Let us explain. We support both internal employees and external connections in our network, on their startup journeys. We don’t see ourselves as a program that you join for a year, and then you’re a full-fledged startup founder.

Quite the opposite. We’re like a long-term tailored development plan, where we bring together our experience, resources, network and connections, to support individuals that want to take ideas from conception to launch.

You see, we can offer this all in-house. While some might have to go through multiple companies to acquire the experience to start their own company, within Upside, you get the multi-company experience all within our four walls.

We invest in you, so that you can invest in the world.

Each year, we aim to back two business ideas, providing both funding and time dedicated to support a team members’ or entrepreneurs’ passion project. Whichever you want, we’ll be there to support you on your personal journey.

Do you want to start your own business?

Starting your own business is no small feat – but it is also tonnes of fun! As part of Upside, we’ll support you on that journey, and guide you through the ups and downs of managing your own company.

Prefer to work as part of our in-house team?

No worries! We’ll support you equally and nurture you as you take on various roles in the business.

We continuously innovate and our goal every year is to create multiple self-sufficient new businesses, offering something different and unique to its intended audience.

Find out how we can support your business

We know how to deliver change in complex environments and how best to use technology that fits into your business structures and dynamics.

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