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We’re looking for a Marketing Manager to help us grow the function internally and the brand externally. This role will be hands-on with a lot of ownership. Reporting into our Head of BD & Marketing and working closely with the leadership team. 

Role Description:

Things are all a little busy at Upside at the moment with us doubling in size during 2021 in both revenue and people! We have big ambitions to become more established in our market and to continue to build a sustainable and profitable business. 

We’re an agile team who work to meet the needs of our clients. Our business capabilities have matured over this year and we are now in a position where we need to pivot our external brand and messaging to reflect our future ambitions.

To support this we are looking to hire a Marketing Manager to work with our Senior BD and Marketing Manager to push our growth even further. The role will be varied and will likely adapt to our ever changing business over the year.

The role will be focussed on 3 core areas:

Market Presence: We need a Marketing Manager to work with our Leadership team to:

  • Increase our brand reputation and presence - We are going through a rebrand in Q1 so there is lots to be done within a relaunch 
  • Own and guard our corporate language and our externally facing content
  • Support website development activity
  • Develop a thought leadership plan, content development and release schedule
  • Manage external brand partnerships (MCA, Mayors International Program) 
  • Manage the corporate events schedule and collateral required for each

Social Media: We need a Marketing Manager to work with our Head of BD & Marketing and Commercial intern to:

  • Community manage the brand’s social media profiles across LinkedIn. Twitter and Instagram 
  • Grow our presence on LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Create compelling ways to showcase the thought leadership content we have across different formats and channels 

Communications: We need a Marketing Manager to work with our Head of BD & Marketing and Commercial intern to:

  • Manage our external newsletter strategy and implementation
  • Grow our mailing list and manage HubSpot
  • Manage our internal communications strategy - leading on internal initiatives
  • Quality Assure commercial documentation for bids and client work 

There will also be requirements to upskill and develop internal staff in the marketing function and support the wider commercial function (e.g. bids).

We seek individuals who:

  • Have the background, experience and education required to deliver all of the scope of the role outlined above.
  • Are personable, outgoing and will throw everything they have into the role.
  • Want to lead but are also completely coachable - this is an important quality to us.
  • Are exceptional talent, diligent and hard working. We do more than we should at Upside and therefore we need people who have the same passion and ethics when applying themselves to work.
  • We want our people to have integrity, a good work ethic and who genuinely care about the people they work with.
  • We need people who are authentic, believe in the work that they do, balancing confidence with humility.
  • Have a strong belief in the potential impact a small talented collective can have.

About Upside 

Our people:

Core to Upside Tech is developing and empowering our talented people, investing in your growth and working with you to realise your potential. We are committed to growing a team that is diverse in every aspect, believing that people and services are made better through the individual experiences, backgrounds, thoughts and beliefs of the people who make up our teams.

We provide unique opportunities for employees to work on Upside developed ventures, applying everything we touch on above but applying that to concepts that don’t exist yet, allowing you to develop in what it takes to launch a successful venture.  

At Upside our purpose is to proactively shape the world we want to live in. A fairer society, designed for humans by humans, enabled by technology.

We do this by:

  • Investing in the development of our people so that they can have a greater impact individually and collectively.
  • Becoming the strategic partner to organisations supporting them to change the world for the better.
  • Launching our own ventures that help positively impact society.

Inclusion and diversity

We’re proud of the way we do things and that starts with our people. We believe in equal opportunities for everyone. We will never define people by their race, gender, sexual-orientation, age or disability. Individuality is what makes us great, we want everyone to bring their full self to work and create something amazing. That’s what we care about. So, whether you’re joining us, or looking to move to a different part of the business, we work hard to make sure we create equal opportunities for everyone.

Social and Environmental Impact

Operating in a responsible and sustainable manner is important to Upside. This cascades throughout the company and the work we conduct with our partners and clients. We are committed to understanding and managing our social, environmental and economic impact to enable us to contribute to wider sustainable development. This commitment is embedded in our company values and policies. At Upside we define Corporate Social Responsibility as the method with which we conduct our business in a way that is ethical. Taking into account our social, economic, environmental impact and consideration of human rights.

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