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 We have an exciting opportunity for a Business Analyst to join our ever evolving team. We are currently recruiting for an Analyst with an incredible eye for detail and a passion for high quality delivery. 

As an Upside Business Analyst you will:

  • Work with clients on multiple exciting projects supporting activities such as planning, forecasting, analysis, research, reporting and insight
  • Add value to our customers through your analysis and insight creation
  • Assist in coordinating and communicating the results of client engagements 
  • Be able to define a problem concisely and hypothesise a proposed solution
  • Assist with developing proposals for submission to prospective clients and tenders
  • Analyse, identify and make recommendations on internal business processes
  • Get involved in interesting wider Upside company initiatives and ventures

We seek individuals who:

  • Want to lead but are also completely coachable. This is an important quality to us and one you will need to develop. Some experience in managing projects and delivery is required.
  • Are exceptional talent (regularly graded as a top performer), diligent and hard working. We do more than we should at Upside and therefore we need people who have the same passion and ethics when applying themselves to work.
  • Have an ability to assimilate data to enable business and strategic decision making
  • Are willing to travel and work away from home if and when required.
  • Are focussed on their own personal learning and development but also happy to coach and mentor others.
  • Have integrity, a good work ethic and who genuinely care about the people they work with.
  • Are authentic, believe in the work that they do, balancing confidence with humility.
  • Have a strong belief in the potential impact a small talented collective can have.

Desired experience:

  • Experience working in Big4/Strat House or Digital Agency is a plus.
  • Experience with large digital or operational transformations, customer experience, supply chain, emerging technologies. 
  • Experience in digital delivery, agile development or hands-on experience with an emerging technology is an added bonus (RPA, IoT, AI/ML and Blockchain). 

About Upside:

Upside is a business built around a collective of talented individuals that advise business on complex change, help businesses build solutions and create ventures. At Upside, we know how to deliver change in complex environments and how to best use technology to complement this. We are a growing business moving into our next phase of evolution which will give each member of the business an exciting opportunity to contribute to the growth of Upside.

Inclusion and diversity

We’re proud of the way we do things and that starts with our people. We believe in equal opportunities for everyone. We will never define people by their race, gender, sexual-orientation, age or disability. Individuality is what makes us great, we want everyone to bring their full self to work and create something amazing. That’s what we care about. So, whether you’re joining us, or looking to move to a different part of the business, we work hard to make sure we create equal opportunities for everyone.

Social and Environmental Impact

Operating in a responsible and sustainable manner is important to Upside. This cascades throughout the company and the work we conduct with our partners and clients. We are committed to understanding and managing our social, environmental and economic impact to enable us to contribute to wider sustainable development. This commitment is embedded in our company values and policies. At Upside we define Corporate Social Responsibility as the method with which we conduct our business in a way that is ethical. Taking into account our social, economic, environmental impact and consideration of human rights.

About our People:

Our people are at the heart of everything we do. We believe that small groups of people can do incredible things and so we invest in our people to help them achieve the things that they want to.

We pride ourselves on attracting the most exceptional talent that believes in what Upside represents and collectively what we want to achieve. Our people come from all sorts of backgrounds from consultancies to digital agencies and global corporations to startups. 

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