Technology adoption supporting charities in the pandemic

Sam Brett


Apr 14, 2021

As we are all aware, the COVID-19 pandemic has had severe consequences across the nation and these would have been even worse had it not been for the charities and brave volunteers that have stepped up to help in our time of need.

We were lucky enough to speak to the RE:ACT Disaster Response Charity to discuss their experiences of providing support during the pandemic and how technology has aided their response.

We spoke to Molly Mactaggart, who is the London Regional Representative for RE:ACT, about working with the charity during this tough time and she told us:

“Working with RE:ACT and seeing first hand the difference that our volunteers have made during the Covid-19 response has been the most rewarding experience. I couldn’t be more proud of every member of our team, the work they have done and continue to do is invaluable."

Technology has been key to keeping many businesses running for the last year and this is no different for charities, as having the right tech has been instrumental to coordinating their relief efforts and managing volunteers.

Chris Lyon, who is Head of Tech & Innovation at RE:ACT talks about their use of technology in this crucial period and said:

"RE:ACT's ability to respond rapidly to emergencies and disasters is built on our IT infrastructure. The tools and systems we use, such as Slack and Salesforce, are integral to the way we operate, giving us the speed and scalability we need to share information instantly and form a coherent response within our remote network of thousands of volunteers.

By enabling us to operate at scale, our tech infrastructure also ensures we do more with less resource and invest donor money in areas of the charity that deliver the biggest impact."

We are thankful for these brave volunteers and that with the help of the right technology they have been able to provide much-needed support to thousands of people across the country in such a difficult time. Many different technology solutions have already been born out of the pandemic, such as online event platforms and apps to keep us connected, and we look forward to seeing further inevitable technology innovations that will become available not only during the remainder of the pandemic but also as we move into the 'new normal'.

At Upside, we are always interested in hearing from different organisations as it is an opportunity to learn from them, by doing this we can gain a better understanding of the industries we operate in and can make a bigger impact for ourselves and our clients.

Our team place great importance on making a positive impact, as is highlighted by our Head of Projects, Indy Hothi who said:

“Supporting local and global social issues is something every single one of us at Upside are extremely passionate about. Charitable organisations across the world often undertake vital work in this respect - they are structured like any other organisation/business and therefore we as management consultants are well equipped to provide strategic and operational support.”

We would love any other charities to get in contact with us and share their stories so that we can promote their work and raise awareness for good causes. Supporting social issues and charitable organisations is part of our values and is inherently in our DNA. We have successfully worked with a range of charities across health, humanitarian aid and social mobility and are well equipped to support any charities interested in acquiring our services - if you’d like to find out how we could support your organisation please contact us.

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